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It is possible to store products inside flexible structures such as flexible tanks, gasometers and other products designed to contain all types of liquids.

Storage makes it possible to supply, feed, protect, recover, test or transport products in sectors as varied as Defence, Aerospace, Industry, Environment, Civil Defence. The advantages of these solutions are:

  1. the liquid or gas stored is protected from air, it is therefore not contaminated by the external environment (UV rays, pollution)
  2. the flexibility of the material ensures that the structure is compact when folded and easy to transport
  3. the low weight ensures easy and rapid set up
  4. the materials are chosen to offer total compatibility with the contents and to guarantee extended service life
  5. stored capacities can reach a maximum of 1000m3

Do you require a specific product?

We can often provide made-to-measure solutions. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements or send us a description of your particular needs.

Flexible Tanks
Flexible Tanks