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Pronal flexible tanks provide an excellent solution to liquid storage and transporting challenges. Available in capacities up to 1000m3, the technology is simple, quick to deploy and cost-effective.

Pronal offers several product ranges for air, sea and ground storage and for transportation of fluids in addition to water. These include hydrocarbons, foodstuffs and agricultural and industrial products and waste. Thousands of uses extend from buffer water tanks for civil and military potabilisation systems, through to fuel tanks for electricity generators on construction sites. The design ensures liquids stored are never in contact with air. This permits safe storage of liquids such as paint, latex, fruit juice, emulsions and fuels. In addition, Pronal supplies all complementary products used in fuel logistics, including pumps, guns and filtering systems.

Pronal flexible tanks are ideal for water storage, including:

  • Potable water
  • Storm water
  • Grey water
  • Fire protection
  • Agriculture and viticulture
  • Civil defence and public works
  • Sewage in remote locations, using Pronal Green Tank technology

The quality and durability of Pronal water tank technology is relied upon by industrial, civil and military organisations around the world, including in remote, inhospitable and emergency situations.


  • Stock sizes to 1000 cubic metres
  • Manufactured from high resistance elastomer or plastomer-coated fabric, robustly assembled by vulcanising or welding
  • Lightweight, foldable and strong
  • Compact when folded and easy to transport
  • Rapid to deploy
  • No microbial, bacterial and or fungicidal development
  • No contact between air and content; no air inside the tank
  • Compatible with contents to extend service life
  • Resists ultra-violet and ozone exposure
  • Adapts to the environment - flexible surface adapts to the shape of complex surface areas with evenly distributed load
  • Low-cost solution with no civil engineering required
  • Suitable sizes can be transported on trucks, boats and aircraft and suspended beneath helicopters or towed behind a vehicle
  • Structured tanks and ferry fuel tanks for aircraft, with anti-crash and self-sealing versions

Do you require a specific product?

We can often provide made-to-measure solutions. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements or send us a description of your particular needs.

Flexible Tanks
Flexible Tanks