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Pronal inflatable seals form a tight barrier between two surfaces. Because of their high mechanical resistance, they are used for applications where a perfect seal is required.

Typical uses include:

  • Sealing
  • Pressing
  • Handling
  • Flanging
  • Isolating
  • Plugging
  • Testing, protection or verification operations

Available either as original equipment or spare parts, they are frequently applied in or between pipes; as an annular seal; or in tubes, conduits and machinery and installations involved in the industrial, mining, mineral processing, offshore, energy and safety sectors. Examples include providing a leakproof seal between gas or liquid pipes in the oil and energy industries; plugging leaks from tanks, cisterns and pipes; sealing crushing equipment in the mineral processing industry; and to facilitate grout packing for offshore platforms or similar structures.

Illustration of Seals

Sometimes referred to as doughnut seals, Pronal seals have many applications in the bulk handling industry. For example, a Pronal inflatable seal can effect an airtight dust seal around the necks of hoppers. Depending on the application, Pronal inflatable seals are made from either vulcanised fibre-reinforced synthetic rubber or polyeurethane (both reinforced or unreinforced).

One of the main benefits of Pronal seal technology to industrial and construction processes is the flexibility of the products, which:

  • adapt easily to the shapes in contact once pressurized
  • plug leaks very rapidly, efficiently and in total safety
  • are lightweight and easy to set up
  • are very compact

Do you require a specific product?

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