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Maximize StoryMinimize StoryUltra-thin easily transported lifting bags safely hoist heavy loads in soft, emergency and remote conditions - July 2020

Lifting bags so powerful and durable they have been used to hoist crashed locomotives are being offered by Air Springs Supply Pty Ltd for heavy vehicle recovery, on-site repair and emergency rescue operations on soft ground or irregular surfaces.

Pronal ultra-thin CLT inflatable cushions - which are easily transported to remote areas by helicopters, light aircraft and 4wd service vehicles - can individually handle lifting loads of 65 tons on surfaces including soft ground, confined trenches, crash recovery areas and uneven earthworks that can create hazards for conventional lifting technologies such as cranes and hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders.

Multiple Pronal cushions, each as thin as 20mm uninflated, with lifting heights from 85-500mm, can be stacked one on top of another for heavier lifts. The cushions, which comply with standard NF EN 13731 for safety in operation, can also be used to immobilize blocks of stone and to release trapped people.

Seamless inflatable CLT lifting cushions are actuated by compressed air cylinders or standard portable compressors at 8 bar, to rapidly but delicately raise loads ranging from heavy vehicles, pipelines and plant through to beams, bridge components, building components, machinery and resource development structures. The cushion remains leak-tight after disconnection, thanks to its self-sealing coupling.

CLT cushions are highly suitable for use at crash and rescue sites, urgent vehicle extraction and repair sites, mining and energy exploration sites, construction sites, remote infrastructure developments and recovery and maintenance of 4wd and heavy vehicles used by local authorities and service utility services including electrical distribution and water and waste water plants and pipelines.

Pronal lifting and separation cushions, range from ultra-thin bags (just 20mm thick deflated) to powerful spreading cushions that can exert hundreds of tonnes of force to part plant and machinery components for servicing. Complementary low-pressure CPB Maxi-Lift cushions can be used on land and under water, offering greater strokes of up to 700mm (or 1400mm where a pair are employed.

Their durability in aggressive and remote conditions, where reliability is paramount, is assured by construction with threaded layers coated with chemical resistant elastomer, hot vulcanised under pressure in one operation," says James Maslin, National Sales and Marketing Manager for Air Springs Supply, which is national distributor for Pronal products.

"Often there is insufficient room overhead to employ suitable cranes, even if they can be brought overland to a remote site. Sometimes also there is insufficient stability underfoot to employ lifters that produce high point loads both on the ground and on the object being lifted," he says.

They can be used in confined spaces underneath inaccessible loads which, in addition to vehicle lifts, range from engines and plant, through to foundations of bridges, buildings, machinery, pipeline structures and resource development rigs requiring lifting for inspection and repair.

Features of the Pronal product include:

  • Lifting height from 85-500mm (CLT), with longer strokes provided by combinations of cushions
  • In addition to standard sizes, specific sizes and shapes can be made to order to suit particular applications
  • Ease of use, with inflation either by compressor or simple air cylinders
  • Inflation pressures up to eight bar, regardless of stroke (CLT models - CPB pressures vary from under one bar, depending on model)
  • Non-slip surface providing maximum friction when stacking two cushions
  • Control systems tailored to particular uses
  • As well as straight lifting, they can be used for pressing, clamping, tilting and guiding

Pronal equipment such as the PAC series of lifting cushions can be supplied with trailers, lifting bases and control systems developed to the demanding standards of Pronal's world-wide customer base, including military and civil aviation applications.

About Pronal

Pronal is one of the world's most experienced and respected producers of flexible products used to lift, push, press, seal and store. Founded in 1961 and headquartered near Lille in the north of France, PRONAL builds standard and customised flexible products from fabrics coated with elastomer and/or plastomer. In addition to extensive industrial expertise, Pronal also works in the defence, aerospace, civil emergency and maritime/harbour sectors.

Pronal's Australian distributor, Air Springs Supply, is Australia's leading supplier of air springs and associated pneumatic technology for the industrial and transport sectors.

For more information about Air Springs Supply's ranges, national distribution and technical support network, please contact Air Springs Supply Pty Ltd, Unit 18, 38-46 South Street, Rydalmere, Sydney 2116, ph (02) 8877 5500, fax (02) 9807 6979,

CLT lifting bags
CLT lifting bags
CLT lifting bags used for vehicle recovery, repair and emergencies

CLT lifting cushions
CLT lifting cushions. Pronal bags combine the advantages of high durability and power with gentle, precisely controlled lifting that can spread the load over broader surfaces of the object being lifted, rather than focusing the power on point loads.