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Pronal flexible solutions provide a ready-made innovative and powerful alternative to traditional technologies.

The standard or custom-made ranges of flexible lifting bags, cushions, tanks and stoppers give you an insight into the types of applications that we make in the industrial sector. Thousands of clients have already placed their trust in Pronal in the aerospace, agro-foodstuffs, chemistry, glass, construction markets...

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Building and public works Industry

In the building and public works sector, PRONAL offers equipment used for:

  • storage and supply of water and hydrocarbons on sites or camps,
  • the testing of construction works or heavy handling equipment,
  • sealing during operations to install or test purification pipes which are often buried,
  • lifting loads on construction sites,
  • extracting stone from mines and quarries. Pronal also develops new solutions in partnership with its clients for large projects, our skills and experience allowing us to suggest original innovative solutions.

Marine Industry

PRONAL manufactures emergency equipment for use in marine application such as:

  • anti-pollution measures for example inflatable booms for coastal waters and on the open sea,
  • refloating operations using underwater lifting bags and parachutes.

The work carried out by Pronal's Research and Development department, has enabled us to develop a large number of projects such as:

  • flexible bags for testing cranes in ports,
  • deep sea lifting cushions (4,000 metres),
  • floating tanks for hydrocarbon recovery.

Mechanical Engineering Industry

For the mechanical engineering industries, PRONAL offers a very wide range of standard and custom-made flexible pneumatic lifting bags which can be very easily incorporated into any type of machine, including specialized machinery.

The mechanical functions provided are lift, push, press, guide, block, dampen. It is an alternative solution to the more traditional methods.

Our wide range of products includes:

  • Flexible lifting bags for the Very Large Telescope (blocking the 50 m2 mirror in the event of an earthquake)
  • Doughnut seal (8 m in diameter) for tunnelling machines (to ensure watertightness during motion)
  • Anti-vibration flexible lifting bags (load supported: 150 tonnes)

Glass Industry

PRONAL is involved in the series production of flexible gripper bags for use in the hollow glassware industry and for handling all types of bottles, thus optimising palletisation and de-palletisation.

Flexible vacuum bags are used in the heat-treatment of laminated glass by OEMs who supply automobile windscreens.

The development of safety glass in the construction and sectors other than the automotive sector, persuaded Pronal to develop quick-lock flexible bags. These bags have the advantage of receiving very thick and curved glass.

Leisure Industry

Pronal uses a wide variety of products in the leisure or events sector with regard to both the sector of activity and the products themselves, the applications include for example:

  • In amusement parks, Pronal manufactures inflatable buoys for fast-flowing rivers, these are mounted on boats and are used to ensure floatability and to soften impacts.
  • Spas use flexible tanks to store mineral water extracted from beneath the ground, the lack of air in the tank prevents contamination by germs.
  • In fashion shows or modern art exhibitions, Pronal makes custom-made water-filled mattresses or abstract inflatable structures.

Do you require a specific product?

We can often provide made-to-measure solutions. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements or send us a description of your particular needs.